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Rolled me a big fatty

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I took the day off work, wife and kids were away for the after some yard chores, I rolled a big fatty for dinner.

Beef/Sausage mix 80/20
Bacon wrap :)
Pepper Jack
Pub burger seasoning

Hickory & Apple
250 degrees

Held together nicely

I had some meat mix Chedder stuffed meatballs it is...oh wrapped in bacon of course;)
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Looking good so far!
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Finished product...turned out pretty darn good.

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Yummy for sure.


Great cook.

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Nice finish on that tasty looking fattie!
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That looks like it turned out great!!
Nice Smoke!
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Looks delicious!


Nice job!



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Looks tasty nice smoke!

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Dang it man, looks amazing!

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Good looking fatty.  The finished shot looks REAL nice.



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Yeah, you done good! I like the pinwheel look too!
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Looks amazing!


That's next on my list to try.



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Thanks everyone, it definitely turned out great and tasted awesome...everyone loved it. 

The best part is it only takes about 2 hours on the smoker to finish up, so not an all day project either.

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Looks real delicious!!! Great job!!

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Fine fatty, friend!



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