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Q in Bangalore

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Now THAT'S a spatched chicken!




My meal.

Biriyani Chicken,  BBQ Chicken and all the sides with a glass of fresh pineapple juice - $5.25 US


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Very cool!


They must of pounded it out to get it that thin.



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I'm not sure what they did but it was definitely flat.  Maybe deboned the breast I'm thinking.  The chicken I had was on a spit so it wasn't like that.  May go back tomorrow and order on of the flat ones just so i can see what they've done to it.


Was a fun experience though.  Not a place foreigners (Like me) eat I'm guessing because when I sat down the assigned me a waiter to stand at the table to make sure I had everything I could possibly want.  Dinner was 350 Rupees ($5.25).  I gave the guy 500 Rupees and told him the meal was fantastic and I didn't need any change.  You'd have thought I bought him a new car.


Traveling abroad a lot helps me keep in perspective how fortunate I am to live where I do.

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