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New member in Virginia.

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I've been smoking for about two years. I converted my CharBroil gas grill into a smoker. It has two problems. Too much smoke escapes and I can't turn the heat down as low as I would like.

My favorite is to smoke a no less center cut pork loin on Apple wood chips. The meat is low in fat and low in price. It makes great sandwiches.

I have tried various rubs. . The easiest and most pleasing to date is a Cajun spice mix. It adds just enough flavor without hiding the smoke.

My very best was a Boston butt pork shoulder using the Cajun spice. It had more flavor than any barbecue I had ever eaten.

I found this site while looking for help on smoking skinless turkey breasts. I have had limited success smoking turkey breasts with the skin on. Not as much smoke gets thru the skin as I would like.

Anyway, looking forward to learning from your mistakes and successes.

Thanks. John.
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Welcome to the forum John!


Glad to have you with us!



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