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When you start a thread in the Michigan group, and I'm not signaling them out. It could be any group, you limit your responses.

I don't know how many times I have clicked on a thread without looking & found out I couldn't post a response because I wasn't a member of that group.

I'm not going to join every group on here just to tell you that your PP was the best I have ever seen.

If you guys want to be recognized for your smokes by all the folks on here post your smokes in the general section.

If you smoke a butt & it turns out awesome, let us all comment on it. 

Put it in the pork section, not in the Michigan group (sorry Mich guys, I'm not picking on you, I'm just using you as an example.)

I know you guys want to communicate with your brothers who are close to you, as I do here in Florida.

But when you are showcasing your smokes, do it for the whole forum, not just your group.

You will get a lot more recognition for your hard work.



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Yeah, there have been quite a few times that I've wanted to congratulate, or comment on the UK folks stuff as well.  Quite a few points have been left on the table due to the private areas.

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I have the "new posts" bookmarked for my forum bookmark. Therefore, I see all new posts. Works for me. However, that don't solve the problem Al mentioned about having to join other groups to post on them.
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AL, I pointed this out a year or so ago, I feel those specific forums loose out because I am like you and won't sign up for them either and I'm sure there are a bunch of folks that feel the same way. I just feel bad for the New Guys that don't realize this and feel they are doing the right thing by posting a general post in a specific "Member" forum.


The use of sub forums for specific smokers and such are great for problem solving but not general posts.



It separates us as a "Group" and functioning as a group is what makes a forum successful.

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I agree---I signed up for a couple groups, including the "UK" group, usually because I had a good answer to the question that the OP had asked, but everybody should show their Smokes on the general forum open to everyone, without having to sign up.




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Yep, i've noticed this also.  I'm not going to join a bunch of side forums just to answer a question or give a thumbs up to a smoke.  This is the only forum I'm noticed this on also.

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The only thing I like those group forums for is getting notifications out for events in those areas. Otherwise I know many newbies miss out.

That said I do think the UK group is a good one as there's lots regional only things they can discuss. I am a member of that group to help with general cooking I questions, and I like to learn about the different cooking terminology and such.
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Groups were never intended for their members to post 100% of their work in. The ONLY info to be posted in groups is stuff that is Exclusive to that group and would be useless or meaningless to the general membership...Guys in Michigan and the general pop don't need to know that the Georgia regional Piggly Wiggly Grocery chain has Butts on sale! That is a post for the Georgia Group ONLY. But, Hey, If you only want to post in your group? Have at it but don't expect a hundred responses and " 'attaboys "...th_dunno-1[1].gif...JJ

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