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How is everyone doing.  I just joined the group and forum today!!!  Been grilling my whole life and started smoking meat a couple years back.  Currently i have 2 COS but looking forward to adding a larger third offset custom built smoker.  I'm in the South Lyon area and would like to get a group of guys together once or twice a month to do some grillin and chillin after i recover from an ankle surgery i had in august.  Hope to get and contribute information on here and enjoy some new friendships  Big Z

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Welcome Big Z. Welcome to the MI group and the SMF! We do gatherings once or twice a year so keep your eyes open on this group forum. Keep smoking!

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just curious humdinger what does otbs stand for under your screen name?

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Sorry for the delay... It stands for "Order of the Thin Blue Smoke"! It's an established group of folks on this forum who have shown to be very helpful and sharing in answering questions, giving advice, showing techniques, and posting lots of Qview!




Let me know if you have more questions.

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