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Don Godke Downdraft Hood and Big Ole Beef Ribs

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I hadn't done beef ribs in a while so it was time. I also received the downdraft hood for my Traeger so of course I smoked the ribs on the Traeger. 



For those that may not know, pellet smokers produce a rather light smoke relative to other types of smokers. Many folks, me included, augment the smoke production by adding an auxiliary smoker like the AMAZEN Tube or Smoke Daddy. I use the expandable AMAZEN Tube. Also, smoking at low temps (170-180*) for a few hours then raising the temp. 


The concept of the downdraft hood is to force the smoke and heat downward, holding the smoke in the chamber a little longer and also helping to stabilize temps. I wasn't after stabilizing temps since I have already upgraded the controller to a Savanna Stoker PID controller. But was was curious to see if it would help increase the smoke flavor. 



Now I have a Lil Tex Pro and had to cut off the upper shelf bracket. I did that last weekend in advance so I could just slap on hood when it arrived. I was about a t 10m minute job with a Dremel and a cutting wheel. BTW, I am a serial modder and I just accept it. I didn't think twice about cutting that puppy off to get to try the downdraft hood. 


The hood went on in about 4 1/2 minutes. 



It has a damper so you can open it so it operates like it doesn't have a hood. 


I ran it dry for an hour and the smoker seemed fine with it. 


I like to get the ribs in the vac pack form the butcher. This is what they trim to make short ribs. There are 2 racks in each vac pac:



I cut them individually. My theory is more surface area so more rub and bark. I had to do some trimming on these. Its a bit of a craps shoot when you buy them, but its worth it. 



After some trimming and some rub. I used Big Poppa's Money Rub, perhaps my favorite all around rub. I add course black pepper when I do beef. I let them rest covered in the reefer. 




I put them on with Smokin' Brothers 100% Pure Hickory pellets. I wanted to get a feel for how much smoke flavor I could get with the downdraft hood sans auxiliary smoker, so I left out the AMAZEN Tube. 


I started them about 11:00pm and put the Traeger on 170* which = about 190* at meat level. 



I woke about 6:00 am to use the boys room and checked on the ribs. They were at 168* IT so I when ahead and put them in a pan and covered them with foil.




I took em to ~ 195* or so, give or take a rib. 


Some homemade slaw, and an au jus BBQ sauce with equal parts defatted drippings from the pan and BBQ sauce. 



BTW, I do have actual real dinner ware, but when its just me, I use paper plates. Seems all my pics are with paper plates and bowls, but  I figure why have something to distract the viewer from the meat!

These were nice. I have had better quality racks of beef ribs but they were still good. Bark was good too.




The verdict on the Don Godke downdraft hood is a thumbs up. I got good smoke flavor without the use of the Tube Smoker. I will probably use the tube for briskets and butts but for ribs and bird, I think this will work. 

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Looks great!

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Great review of the hood & the ribs look delicious!


I owe you a point, it seems I'm over my limit.



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Great review of the hood & the ribs look delicious!


I owe you a point, it seems I'm over my limit.



Thanks Al, and dirtsailor too. Al, your too generous! 

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I'm good to go now!


You got your point!



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Beef ribs are by far my favorite smoked meat!  Yours have me almost drooling at my desk!


Points for the drool factor!

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Looks tasty, you sure love messing with stuff,I'm still waiting to put wheels on my WSM.
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Those looked fantastic. Great smoke ring and they look sooooo tender I can just feel the juice coming out............

Nice mod - now you have 1 more toy to play with....ha,ha

Great job

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I am running a pellet smoker and appreciate the info. However, this point is for great looking ribs!



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