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Ok I'm Done.......Really

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My last 5lbs for BBOTR, Paducah KY this coming week.


Owens BBQ Chipotle Wildfire for sticks but i'm doing chubs-n-cheese.





Ready for the smoker.



Light hickory smoke rolling in my Amazn Tube.

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All done, brown paper bag and fridge em.




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Nepas, nice job, they look great!

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They look awesome as always Rick!


Point worthy for sure!



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Chipotle wildfire chubs have the casings off cut for show and tell (ice cream needed) :laugh1:


My sausage knife








Show and tell.



Thanks for lookin

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Man they look good.

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Nice nice nice!  I love the ice cream reference!  


Now, you SAY you're done, but I'd bet we see another batch from you soon!

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Dang it man that looks good, nice job,,, looks like your smoker has been full for a while now LOL 



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Nice............. Thumbs Up

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Them are good looking things.

Points to you Sir.



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Looking great Nepas, I just might have to get me a bag of that Chipotle Wildfire, looks tasty!

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Looks great Rick, I like that Chipotle Wildfire mix... tasty stuff ! Like the idea of the chubs too, very nice ! icon14.gif
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Looks so tasty!



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Looks awesome!
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Back from Paducah. Went with 2 igloos full of smoked sausages, Came back empty....WOOO HOOO Time to get busy again.


I did make a great score on something from a friend who closed his BBQ business. Will post later.

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Nicely done, great flavor not to try in a chub... excellent work!
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nepas, nice job on the chubs, bno wonder you give such good advice.


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Thanks y'all

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