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I have an MES 30" digital unit.  I want to use an AMPNS to cold smoke. Which is better, the 6 x 6 ot 5 x 8. How do you control temperature if cold smoking?  Do you set it ona rack or on the "floor" of the MES?

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5X8 pellet smoker....  AMNPS....   Cold smoke with the heat off...   If it's cold out, turn the heat on for a bit to warm the smoker...  ALSO, you don't want to smoke cold meat....   condensate will form on the meat...  preheat the meat to above ambient before adding smoke...    also, you know to form a pellicle on the meat before adding smoke... 

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Another option is to pipe in the smoke. Use the search feature here and type in mailbox mod. Works great for getting cold smoke into the smoker.
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Dave and Case have you going the right direction.


As for controlling the temp, if the cabinet temp starts to get too high, crack the door a bit.  But the AMAZEN is great for keeping the temps low for you.

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