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Smoked Chicken Breasts

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Got some chicken breasts in the smoker! Will post final product! We've been doing this recipe for a bit own and I barely get any each time I make it. I brine them for about an hour... Rub them with smoke EZ 's all purpose rub recipe... Smoke them over hickory with a small chunk or two of cherry... Wrap in foil from the 145F mark until ready to pull at 160F. Let it rest for 30 and dog in! Even juicy cold later on!

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That sounds interesting!


I have never heard of foiling chicken breasts.


It's hard to tell from the photo, but are they skinless?



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They are skinless. Came out great too! Had the chicken sliced up and ready to serve before i realized I forgot a pic. We make them weekly so I will be sure to add a pic here next time. Super juicy... Just the right amount of smoke flavor... I cook it pretty low/slow and it gets thick smoke for the first 2 hours at which point I wrap it all in foil and let it finish the last hour wrapped. They aren't large breasts and they can start to dry up around the edges sometimes so we started the foil wrap at the end and boila... Juicy all the way thru.
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I'm going to have to try that.

We just leave the skin on to keep the moisture in, then just don't eat it.

I like your way better.



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Just keep the heat low. We keep it right around 210F (Happy between 190F and 220F). Once wrapped I let it slowly drift up to about 240-250F.
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