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Wow! I learn so much! Looks beautiful! Thanks redheelerdog!
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John I know how I missed this but glad I found it.I'll be watching it looks great already


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How is the pancetta doing? I think I am going to make some pancetta as soon as my chamber is empty.
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12/18/2016 Update:


I Umai bagged them together back in October so I could get my curing chamber going (put them in my other fridge), plan is to dial the chamber in this week.


I did a weigh today and loss calc below. Inside the bag there is some nice white mold spots.


Once I get the chamber going good I think the drying of the Pancetta will accelerate (out of the Umai bag).




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I missed this somehow.

Impressive trussing.

Can't wait for cross cut pictures.
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Pancetta Update 12/29/16:


I finally got the dry cure fridge dialed in and it is working great. Thumbs Up


I had the Pancettas that I started back in October in my other fridge together in an Umai bag so I could get this fridge going with temperature and RH control.


Yesterday big boy and little man made the move to the curing fridge. When they were together I could not accurately weigh them separately so this also gave me a chance to do that.


Big boy has lost 10.17% and little man has lost 14.39%.


I am thinking in the cure chamber at ~55F, and ~75%RH they will loose weight more rapidly, we will see.


The pancetta brothers are about to get some friendly neighbors in the form of Coppa 1 & 2, they will be joining in the next few days.  Thumbs Up







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Umai and curing fridge? You spoil them.

Looks good.

You mention a 20% target weight loss at the beginning. Your graph however shows something around 30% as target. I'm on my phone ...can't read what it says above the target line, but I just want to remind to aim for less than 30 since this is a belly - fat doesn't lose much weight.

Can't go past that trussing job. Can I send you my next belly for trussing?
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