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Acrid smoke A-Maze-N in a gasser, Mailbox?

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I have no problems getting a clean smoke during a hot smoke, but I’d like to be able to cold smoke the bacon I have curing, a little extra smoke for jerky on the days I don’t want to fight coals and chips, and cold smoke some cheeses this fall and winter. So I figured I’d try the A-Maze-N smoker out… Attempt 1 through 3 have all been a terrible campfire smell, and acrid taste…


Attempt one, I just threw the device in and let it go. Which notably choked itself to death in the fire pan without enough oxygen.




Attempt two, I dropped the fire pan down, and raised the A-Maze-N onto a weber to-go-grill grate to allow more air around it.


restarting the flame...




Attempt three I moved it right next to the air vent, less acrid but still the worst smelling/tasting smoke I’ve ever had in my smoker…





Would a mailbox with a short run actually help the airflow and clean up the smoke by plumbing it into the side vent above the burner plate? or should I chuck this thing and figure out another plan? I’d hate to go get the parts and it not even help the situation.


I currently have a door gasket I can install to potentially help keep the draft upward, albeit not much is leaking out the door on the cold smoke. I can also rig a small raised computer fan to a battery and variable potentiometer to help pull out the smoke out in an attempt to draw clean air into the lower chamber...

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Your smoker is short on air flow....   The air flow through my MES 30...   I use a MB mod also...  the length of duct helps to condense and tars and keep them off of the food...  


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Thanks, that is closer to the flow I normally have, vs a slow trickle. So out of curiosity, did you use a hole saw, dremel, or jig saw to cut the 3" hole into the smoker? Thanks again.
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In the MES 30, the 3" holes are factory...  One has a chip loader, the other an exhaust adjuster...   I removed the chip loader and installed an elbow...   The exhaust, I put a family size soup can over the hole to  add a chimney extension for better air flow and stop transient drafts from screwing up the air flow...


.. ..

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