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Tradition Eh!

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I live in Calgary, Alberta... a place far away from where I was made!  That little paradise called Sao Miguel, Azores a settlement of Portugal's.  I remember living in the City (Winnipeg, MB) and having more Portuguese people around where it was not strange to have chickens, beefs, goats and pigs hanging from our garage rafters!


It has been over 20 years of not having home smoked Portuguese Chorizo and over the years been looking to get into it.  Well, I took the plunge last month and ordered a 30lb Country Smoker from The Sausage Maker!


Now that I have the smoker I wanted to make a brisket this weekend.  However, the operating manual only let to confusion, in that it states that "the thermostat control has a range from 50F to 200F... and the smokehouse temperature should never exceed 170F at any time when smoking meats".  This must be the way it is (slow as you go), or it is supposed to be in C.






Looking forward to sharing my experiences and reading up on what works and what doesn't.



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The smoker you bought is made mainly for sausage & bacon.

It does not get hot enough for cooking meat like chicken, pork & beef.

You could try smoking the brisket for a couple of hours to get some smoke on it, then finish it in the oven.



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