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Last Weekend's Ribs

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Only picture (cell phone pic with a dirty lens) my wife and I got of last weekend's ribs, here they are on the grill about a 1/2 hour from slicing time.

This was our third year participating in this local event, but first time we placed in judges or people's choice... sure was fun drinking beer and making appetizers while the ribs were on!

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Sounds like a great time, glad you had fun!

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Nice job Marty!


The ribs look excellent!


Point for your first place finish!!



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Awesome Marty ! Congrats to you & Tanya, nice job ! icon14.gif Ribs looks great !
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Congrats on the win!
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Nice looking ribs, and congratulations on placing. No BBQ contests here in VT. so I'm envious. 





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Congratulations, looks like a well deserved finish!





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