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Mini fatties... Thoughts?

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I've been asked to make some ABT's for a football party tomorrow, and I figure as long as the smoker's hot, I'll try a few different things out. I've been toying with the idea of a single serving sized fatty. A small handful of sausage, stuffed with a cream cheese, jalapeno, and cheddar mixture, wrapped in one slice of bacon. A two-bite fatty, if you will. Has anyone ever attempted this?

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I haven't tried it, but it sounds like a great idea to me!

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Sounds like a great idea here too.


Let us know how it turns out!



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It's a great idea and you could even try different ingredients in them for variety! As long as your at it maybe a few mini sweet peppers or some shrooms for those who can't handle the heat.
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Sorry I'm late to the party but this is how I did them. It won me a throw down.
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