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Birthday Baby Backs

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I was wanting to get some spare ribs for my Bday, but baby backs is all I could find, soooo.....



Wife's famous pasta/veg slaw, some smoked jalapeno poppers, ribs and of course a birthday cookie! I had the ABTs on the smoker for 2 hours and they were darn good! First time smoking them and never tried them with bacon on top. A Yum!

I had an awesome day cooking and hanging out with my wife and son. :yahoo:


Thanks for looking!

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Nice looking birthday dinner!icon14.gif
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Great looking meal!


Sounds like a lot of fun!


Happy Birthday!



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Happy Birthday! Ribs look excellent, everything else does too!
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Thanks guys! Not sure what was different this time but I was grumbling at the offset a bit this time. It was a pretty swirly windy day so I blame that. :biggrin: Everything came out good, just needing more baby sitting.

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