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Newbie from Ontario Canada

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Greetings all,  New at smoking but with this site it will surely be interesting.

I live near Ottawa Ontario and near a small town in the country.

I just bought a new smoker 20070411 which I understand is a gen. 1  right ?


My setup at home with a large deck and near our dining window which allow us to bbq or smoke from inside the house during winter.

I'll take a pic when the smoker arrives and set up.


So thank you all for a site of enthusiast for good food.


See yas,

Btw how do I access the page where we put our location and so forth.



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Hi Norm!


Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you with us!



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Welcome Sens Army!

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Hi Norm!  If you click on your username, it should bring up some options to edit your profile.  Your profile is where you put that info.



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Thanks to all I managed to edit my profile.


Btw does anyone know which generation is the MES 20070411 ?


Many thanks,



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