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Good Morning from Nebraska!

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Hello all and thanks for letting me join!


I've been lurking in the background for months now and I have to say this is the coolest forums on the net!


As the title says I live outside a small town in southwestern Nebraska. I've always been interested in all things to do with curing/smoking meats. I even worked in the local butcher shop for a couple of years. I've been the proud owner of a Blazn' Grill Works Grid Iron for almost a year now, man am I having a blast with it and it's manufactured not far from where I live, made everything from smoked nuts, jerky, snack sticks, ribs and butts (even smoked peanut m&m's).


I'm fortunate to know quite a few hunters that don't like to bone out their own deer so I do it for them and in turn I get half the meat, can't beat that!


While cruising the site I stumbled on the fridge/freezer build section and was hooked immediately, I think I read almost all the threads and I gotta say I was blown away with the ingenuity and craftsmanship, that got the ball rolling on my own fridge build that I completed just last night and I can't wait to get some smoke rolling out of her!


I'm rambling so I'll say thanks again!


Once I figure out how to post pics I will show you all my fridge build.




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Hi Mike!


Welcome to the forum!


Glad you finally decided to join us!



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Thanks so much Al!


This is going to be fun!

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Welcome from Omaha!

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Hey to a fellow Husker!

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