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Smoking Ground Meat

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So tonight my daughter gave me the idea to add smoke to our Sloppy Joes, which sounds like a helluva an idea to me!

Now for the part that stumps me.....

Do I cook the ground burger first and then throw it on the smoker, or do I smoke the meat first and then cook it?
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What smoker or cooker do you have?


I can get mine hot enough to smoke/ cook.

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Oklahoma Joes offset.

Do you smoke and chop up the meat at the same time? Just wondering if the fat cooking out would take the smoke flavor with it when I drain the meat.
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How hot can you get it?    I would smoke and chop at the same time.  I would think around 275 to 350 would work good.   

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I'd make it all the way on the smoker,just stir it up once in awhile when sauced.
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Thanks guys! The kids have requested Sloppy Joes for Thursday so I'll let ya know how it goes.
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When I do them I just make one big patty & smoke it, then add it to the sloppy joe mix.




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