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Smoked Scottish eggs

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I wanted some smoked Scottish eggs but wanted a smaller version.Bantam eggs from the neighbor fit the bill nicely.Here they are steamed( 1 dozen at a time for 7 minutes) and peeled.


A very basic recipe of Jimmy Dean regular sausage and Jimmy Dean hot mixed together.I actually ended up using almost 4 pounds of sausage.



I made up small balls of sausage and then flattened the mix for an egg.I added some rub outside before putting in the smoker as I make too much of a mess inside the house !



Smoked for two hours at 225* with apple /alder chips.Here is the finished product.

Here is the money shot , they were delicious and easy to make !


Thanks for looking !!! CM

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Those Look Great, CM!!:drool----:points:


I haven't had Scotch Eggs in years---Gotta do some!Thumbs Up


Thanks Buddy!Thumbs Up



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Looks great,no bacon coat? Must be trying to eat healthy or something.biggrin.gif
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:points:WOW.   That looks amazing.



Great cook.  

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Looks great nice job 



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Looks good! I'm going to have to start writing these things down....
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Looks great! Tasty treat!!!
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They look delicious!





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That looks great...your making me hungry for some scotch eggs!

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Might have to try that. No think it's something the wife would ear?
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Very nice!


I've been contemplating something just like this for a while!


POINTS for making me go for it!

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Man do those look good,  I could eat a couple right now !!    points1.png



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Looks delicious, CM! Points for a great idea!



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OK Crazy, you got me... I am making these!


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They look good from here.

I made a batch of these this summer, I think it was.

They're good.

Points for you Sir.



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