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Cold smoke and hot smoke

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In interested in making a smokehouse. Is it possible to make a smokehouse where I can do jerky and pepperoni and cheese at the same time. If it was big enough could I get the smoke cold enough for cheese. Thanks. I'm new to this
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to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!


You could use the same smokehouse, but not at the same time.


Pepperoni & jerky need some heat and any heat at all is a no no for cheese.



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My name is Luke. I live in Washington state. I've been smoking meats for quite a while. Started with a little chief. Then went to a traeger now I have a masterbuilt propane smoker. I plan to build a cedar smokehouse this winter. A fairly good sized one. We raise cattle. We usually have 3-4 butchered every year and people love the snack meat. I wanted to make it myself it gets expensive to have a butcher make your jerky and pep. Also I hunt deer and elk and so does my wife so a good sized smokehouse seems appropriate
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