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Mmmm... Peppers

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I had to go to a party and my wife wanted to bring her stuffed jalapeños. So we went to carpinito brother farms, and got a large bag of jalapeños. She stuffed them with feta, cream cheese, garlic and chives. I wrapped about half of them with bacon. Then hot smoked them with cherry wood for an hour and a half. Terrible indeed. ;)

Strategically placed the "vegitarian" versions... ;)

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Looks great,nice strategic placement!biggrin.gif
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Looks delicious!


I'm sure the partygoers appreciated your effort!



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CF, Nice job on the ABT's !

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They certainly did enjoy them! It was a small party so there were a couple "vegetarian" left overs, which my coworkers devoured.

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Nice looking ABT's!



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