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Newbie to SmokingMeatForums

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Hi Folks,


Glad to have discovered this forum.  I hope to be able to contribute and will certainly gain much from others here.


I live in south central WA about 15 miles north of The Dalles, OR.  My wife and I are off grid (solar) and on the north facing side of a forested canyon.  Together, we raise Kunekune pigs, sheep, goats, geese, ducks, turkeys and chickens.  I'm full time here, my wife is an endangered species biologist.  We attempt to garden but the current drought cycle makes that a real challenge.  There are a few guinea hens for our security system... with the standard back up options.  We have a Woodmizer and make up our own lumber from selective cuts of Doug Fir, Ponderosa, and Oak.  Great emphasis is put into fire resistance and forest health.


For years we have used our fire pit for "swinging the pot" but this spring I built a firebrick, wood fired outdoor oven.  It has it's sweet spot but we really need a smokehouse for the next phase.  I'm planning a walk-in, 4'x4'x6' inside, with a block base and 6" insulated sides/roof.  It'll get a lot of use when it's not 90+.  That's our biggest storage issue: summer heat.  Fortunately, that's when we have the most power to spare for other projects.


My specialties are mechanical and electrical, design and hands on construction and troubleshooting.  My wife, fish, heritage seed gardening and watching over her favorite endangered specimen, me.


If I can be of any assistance plz let me know.





Sweet dreams.

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to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!



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Welcome to the group!  Glad you joined us.



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Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you have a great little compound there.

Cant wait to see pictures of your smoker builds.
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Here's where I'm at... there's a way to go but once I get this foundation stuff done, the framing will go fast:



I had an idea to do a sloped roof, extended to the downhill side that would cover the burn chamber (2/3 of a steel well pressure tank) and would also be an ideal place to stack the job's firewood/fuel.  Also pondering heat control options....  One smoke house that I liked had the burn chamber 6' away from the smoke house.  With that amount of exposed pipe, maybe a little more since I have the room, I could cover or expose the chimney input to help with the incoming heat control.


I didn't vent the foundation "crawl space."  Pondering what value that area would be as it would get warm.... Hmmm

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OK, Pictures coming but it's still not done - need to do the siding. But I'm running the fire box to season the inside now. More moisture inside than I'd like. But maybe it just needs to stay at 125 for longer to cook off the humidity....

Smells great and I'm not even working with the meat yet!
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