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Hello From Dayton Nevada

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Hello all. Just got my first horizontal offset. An OK Joe Longhorn.

Been smoking things for years. Started on a little Cheif, then a water smoker, used an old cooler that I insulated and put a hot plate in for awhile. The cooler worked really really well until I left the hot plate on and melted it down haha.

So I have made a couple mods so far.

Sealed the FB and FB to SC. Added a down pipe. First run with food was with a rack of St. Louis ribs. Was difficult after halfway to keep the temp steady and I used way too much wood trying to keep it going. Pissed the wife off cause the house smells like creosote now.

I did buy a chimney starter yesterday and I think that will help with my heating issues. Will try again today with a couple racks of the same. If I can keep a steady flow of hot coals flowing when needed, should be ok.
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to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!


Every pit has a learning curve, it will take a few smokes to get it right.



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