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I want start by saying, "I love this place".
I just got a 2nd generation MES and also purchased a AMPS 5x8. My first run is not going so well. I viewed posts on this and still need some pointers. The pellets don't generate an much smoke as I expected. I first had it on the bottom left and thought it wasn't getting enough ventilation so I moved it to the bottom rack. It helped quite a bit.
I'm still learning and would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you and again I love this place.

Oh, how can I attach photos to a post?
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Just click on the pic icon. Thats the one with the drawing of mountains on ir. Select download (or upload) pictures--cant remember which-- and then select your pic.

As for not enough smoke--can you smell the smoke coming out the exhaust?? That should give you enough. I have a MES Gen 1 and had to do a mailbox mod to keep the AMNPS burning. Do a search on mailbox mods and you will find lots of info on it.

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Thanks Gary,
Yes I smell and see the light blue smoke since I moved it up off the bottom. It looks and smells like I'm back on track.
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