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Kickoff Time!

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It's NFL kickoff time, and I can't think of anything better than watching some football, having a few cold ones, and smoking some "chuckies"! Just put 10 of them on the Masterbuilt 40". Plan is to smoke them with a pecan/hickory mix up until the stall, then pan them in some Guinness and beef broth, cover in foil, and let them steep until up to 200 deg. Then take them out and wrap them and let them rest, while I make a beef and stout gravy out of the liquid. Planning to serve the gravy with the chuckles and some fine Irish Colcannon. Sounds like a fine plan to me, but would welcome any other thoughts or ideas. Will post some pics as I go. Go Raiders!!!!!

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Here they are, rubbed and ready to go!
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Looks like a good start!



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Out of the broth and ready to rest
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Plated and ready to eat.
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Thats looks really good there. Bet they tasted even better. How did the flavor of the pecan/hickory go with it.
Again. Good looking dinner there.
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Very nice!


Great looking meal!



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Pecan/Hickory was a nice mix. I love using Pecan for beef
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Thats a nice meal!

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DM, Looks good and your raiders did alright !

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Great looking food there. Also was a great weekend of football. Lots of close games.
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