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Boned leg.

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I sharpened up my boning knife & deboned a fair size leg ,just under 3kg.Big 2 stores still discounting so its $10kg .

I saw a butcher on a TV  show use skewers to get the leg tightly rolled so I followed suit.

I cut slits in the meat & inserted a slice of garlic,young rosemary,& a bit of pecorino cheese.

Salt ,cbp ,then rolled it tight,skewered it then tied it. Skewers did help a lot in getting it tied off on my own.

I do this style of thing a bit,you can put whatever you want inside just don't overload it otherwise it will blow out! I kept this one simple & I had some AAA grade Sardinian pecorino that was getting to the end .Just trimmed the rind & dry bits off it used about 12 bits the size of ?? maybe 6mm x 25mm .

Gave it a salt & a rub of EVO & I will put it in the MES now that its cracking spring day & football playoffs. Linda has made sides before she went to her shift at the hospital.

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Looks spot on the $ for me but a bit under for the boys ,finishing in the oven.

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Looks delicious!


Nice job!



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turned out really nice.Very tender & moist. I put the pecorino in it because that was what I saw this butcher of Italian descent do on TV & I had it on hand. It was a nice touch. The way he skewered the boned leg was also really clever ,made for a compact easy to string piece of meat. I think it contributed to the even cooking.

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Nice Job, Buddy!!Thumbs Up


Those sliced pics at the end look Perfect !!:drool----:points:




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That looks fantastic Mick!

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M, That looks spot on !

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Looks great.



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