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First time smoking cheesehead cheese

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I built my cold smoker attachment thanks to all of the great advice on this forum and did my first round of cheese, pulling chunks out every hour to see what level of smoke my family like best. I think it would be easier to describe what cheeses I did NOT try than to list all attempted. Excellent results, thanks to you all!

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Wow. That's a long pipe. Great assortment of cheeses.
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Nice looking setup.


The cheese looks great.


Down here in Florida we still have 2 or 3 months before we can smoke cheese.


I still have a few chunks left from last winter to keep me going!



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Har! Great mod!



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JLF, Points for a great mod and good looking cheese!

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Lotsa cheese. Lotsa pipe. Only thing about that much is bagging it up. Hehe.

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