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As my wife is a crockpot cook it dawned on me that a smoker is similar in the low and slow cooking style. Especially for us with Uds, electric, or pellet smokers. So my question is have anyone of you tried a "crockpot" recipe in your smoker?
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Yep! That's how I came up with the pork roast I do. While out a deer camp our crock pot broke, so I put the pork roast, and all of the veggies into a foil pan. Dumped a bottle of Italian dressing over it and stuck it into a 225-250 degree pit. Quite a few hours later it was falling apart and everyone raved.

I still do it, but now I leave it open to smoke for the first couple of hours.
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Sounds good I may have to go through my wife's crockpot cookbooks
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I think just about any recipe can be adapted to a smoker.



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Probably right on that one al. Just figured with the temp/hands off nature of crockpot cooking it would be the easiest batch of recipes to try
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