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Hello from New Hampshire

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My 1st Post...I'm excited to be here...feels like my first day of school. Looking forward to learning and mastering this new hobby of mine. I figured this might be a good place to start. I love to cook in the kitchen or outside in all kinds of weather. I recently bought a smoker, CharGriller 5050 with side firebox. Didn't want to go cheap or break the bank either, so I felt this was just right. I've just used it a few times on simple stuff like chicken and pork chops...I want to do a brisket and butt at the same time next weekend...I'll be posting a few questions I'm sure!!! Looking forward to hearing from you peeps out there, and Thanks in advance for your support.

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to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Welcome to SMF!  Glad you joined us.  I'm looking forward to your brisket and butt smoke.



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So I'm going to do a Boston Butt and need to know if I should put it in a full or half pan. Full height or half height. And how long should I keep a light smoke going...its about 8 pounds. Thanks in advance for your reply. Mike CoyoteBBQ
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Here's a link to Al's butt in a pan.  His looks delicious.  I've never panned mine.  


Hope Al doesn't mind me posting his thread.



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Sorry for the late reply Mike but just wanted to tell you my butt in a pan turned out great!..and thank you for sending Al's post.
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