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Brisket - holding the juicy

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I am really trying to understand how these renowned restaurants (Franklin BBQ is my first example) pull their Brisket at 2 am and serve it at noon - and it is so hot and juicy???
Do they wrap in plastic and hold in a warming oven? In foil? Not sure why it is so important to me, but I feel if I understand this I will be better at producing a better brisket.
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First, I think none of their meats are frozen...  Freezing ruptures the cells of the meat causing some drying out during cooking etc...   after that, I know nothing....

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franklins  is all about moisture after 5 hours hes always  spritzing the  meat  then he wraps it in butcher paper   then after  when they come off at 1 or 2  am   they let them rest on cooling racks  for hours   then when they get to an internal temp of  around 140-150  they put them in food warmers  so the meats been resting for 8-9  hours  before they cut  it 

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Franklin's and LA Barbecue utilize Alto Shaams. Some places use CVAPS. Regarding the spritzing, though it helps with moisture, I believe it's used more as a means to build the bark. The spritz along with the heavy air flow of his convection style designed cookers is what builds up that amazing bark.
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