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When I use this setup, Brian, I have no heat at all in the chamber other than ambient for cold smoking (bacon or cheese, etc.). When warm smoking sausage I start with no heat and use a small hotplate to bring up the chamber to 140 or 150 and when I think they've had enough smoke finish them in the oven in the house.
I haven't had gas to it at all this year. You can't get low temps with a gasser, I don't care what some say.
I don't think the temps in the chamber matter that much in this case as long as the smoke and heat can flow UP and you have enough opening at the top to let it do its thing.

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First let me say that I have never cold smoked a thing in my life, but in ramping up to my first attempt I have been going thru several of these posts. Just speaking to basics (and knowing that moisture is not our friend) here; with those long and winding tubes your fighting an uphill battle (pun intended). Think of a moonshine still for a moment, you cool down a heated gas and condensation is a byproduct. The benefit of removing the heat source as far away from the product has induced another problem... moisture loaded down with soot from the heat source and as that moisture gets heavier from the smoke it is gonna stick to anything between it and the exit or vent, namely your bacon.
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