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Labor Day Cook

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Had some folks coming over for Labor Day lunch.  Had an 8# butt in the freezer and picked up 3 racks of baby loin back ribs at Costco.


This is the butt after it was thawed and I had trimmed a little bit.



Rubbed with Jeff's pork rub and ready to go in the smoker.



After 4  hours at 250-275*.



Rested for a few hours and pulled.



Ribs rubbed and ready for the smoker.



Ribs at 4 hours with a good bend.



Resting and ready to slice.



Sliced and ready to serve.



Plated with some beans and slaw and also 1 of the beef brats that were thrown in as well.




It was a great day for cooking in South Carolina.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  


Thanks for looking,  Joe.

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Looks like some great food.



Butt cooked in 4 hours?

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No, that was at 167* when I was going to wrap it. But, I really can't explain it but that butt was at 208* in 6-1/2 hours. That's as fast as I have ever smoked one. There was a decent bark, the bone pulled out with no trouble at all, the fat was really rendered well, the meat was fall apart ready, tender and juicy. I guess as we say, it will be done when it's done, and that's when this one wanted to be done.
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Nice cook, Joe! Those are some pretty BBs, and an 8# butt in 61/2 hrs? Sometimes you just get lucky :-)
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Wow Joe!


That's some good looking Q there!


Everything looks delicious!





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That looks great Joe, Wow! Points to you sir!


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