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Been goine for awhile but I am back now

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I joined back in 2012 or so and made a few posts but then life got in the way as it always seems to do.....
anyway I moved from Hurricane WV to Huachuca City AZ ( just out side of Fort Huachuca )
man I love it here, I still have my MB XL but I have made a few mods to it I have put on a
Smoke Daddy cold smoker on it and sealed the Door and put wheels on it. I will get some photos
of it at some point to post so you all can see them. I have a question i know you want blue flames but
at 4300 feet thats not happening the meat does not have any off flavors or anything like that
so is this a big deal?
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Welcome back!!



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Hello and  :welcome1:  back to you.

If your flame is yellow it needs more oxygen.

Maybe you want to loosen up a bit on all those

good mods you made for WV.

Also spiders like to make web in the inlets 

of gas burners, try blowing it out with an air hose.

Let us know how you're making out with it.

Someone on here will know how to make it burn properly.

Have FUN.



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