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Howdy from Maine!!!

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I just posted a thread in a different forum here, so I figured I would give the ol' "Howdy Ho!" here..


Ok.. first off, just brand new to smoking meat..  I have been making jerky in a dehydrator for years, but I figured it was time I graduated to a smoker.  I got for a wedding gift (the wife still isn't impressed I put it on the registry, and then someone bought it for us) a nice Masterbult 30" Electronic jobber, and the first thing I bought myself for it was the cold smoker attachment..  I figured I might as well, why not, right?  I have used it a couple of times with success, so no complaints there.  


I can say, the wife's father, used to be a BBQ Caterer, before he retired, so I am able to get a lot of tips, hints and things like that from him.  But, even with his experience, its no match for a user base like the forum has, so I will be lurking mostly for recipes..  I say that mostly because, unfortunately, I am not a big "write up" kinda guy.  I like reading about it, doing it myself and seeing how it goes, but usually, I am not taking pictures of it.. Sorry..


So, thats the quick skinny on me.. I am looking forward to using the smoker and seeing what I can do with it..

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to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Hello from Old Town:welcome1:, where are you located?

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Welcome from Bridgton.
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I'm located in Fryeburg, so pretty close to you Lamar.
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