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2nd time smoking. Drumsticks today!

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Hi everyone,

I practiced with my smoker again today, for the second time.

The fist half an hour, i got them in the CC at around 275F, then I flipped the drumsticks over.

After that, I kept the drumsticks in the smoker for another half an hour at 275-300.

I was a bit surprised when IT was above 170 (it was fast). I took the drumsticks out, coat them in BBQ sauce and was planning to put them back in the smoker for another 10min to finish it off, at 275-300. After 10min, I used another thermometer to check the IT and it was only above 155. My favorite thermometer which had been working very well, just suddenly got very sloppy. I hope no one dropped it or somehow damaged it.

I let the drumsticks stayed in the CC until IT was 170. The biggest one was 167-168 when I pulled it out. I believed by the time its done resting, it would be just perfect to eat.

After all, I have a few comments on my cook today.

1. Chix skin wasnt bite through. But it was not that bad. (I wanted to have crispy skin so I put a lik bit of baking powder in the rub. Guess next that time I could just leave it out for bite thru skin)

2. It was very juicy, very moist.

3. The meat is a bit pink. It was soft and good but wasnt really "falling off the bone". Im wondering if its supposed to be falling off the bone? Was it a bit undercooked?

I was fine with the way it was but Im willing to learn to make it perfect next time!

Here are pics of my result

Please let me know what I need to do it better next time. Thank you!!!!
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From looking at the photo's, it looks to be a bit undercooked.

Legs & thighs should go to 175, even at 180 they still will not be dry.



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Thank you Al.

I was going for above 170 before I sauced and finished them off.

But then that thermometer made it a bit hard for me.

But thats alright. Lesson learned. :)
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