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Boston Butts

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I put 2 butts on the Weber this morning at oh-dark-thirty, somewhere around 5:00 am CDT. The grill was set up with a ring of charcoal lit on one end with hickory chunks about every 6 inches around the perimeter. Temps never got below 220 or above 300. I didn't adjust a single time after about 8:30 am. I did check it every hour or so but never futzed with the vents throughout the day. That's about as close to set and forget as I can imagine. My MES requires more attention.

I took the first one off about a half hour ago; so that would be about 16-1/2 hours. I weighed just shy of 10 lbs. It came off first because it was closest to the fire the way it progressed around the circle. The other one is about ready. The thermo probe didn't slide in without resistance on the second one. The fire is around to where it sits on the grill now and will be ready in a bit.

I used about half a bag of KBB and 5 fist-sized chunks of hickory. The butts were rubbed with a slightly modified version of Jeff's Rub (added dry mustard and some really good Hungarian paprika) after a thin coat of yellow mustard to get some stickiness. I prepped the meat yesterday afternoon and let it sit in the reefer overnight. I didn't bother to get it out and come up to room temp before putting it on the heat. Had I remembered to do so I suspect that it might have cooked a bit faster.

I'm wrapping them in foil then in beach towels then into a cooler overnight. I'll try to remember to get qview when I pull them tomorrow. My guess is that I will have between 10 and 12 pounds of lean PP to vacuum seal and put in the freezer. I don't know any other meat that I can buy for a dollar a pound and get that kind of result with.

Until morning, then ....

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Sounds good!

Can't wait to get a look at it!

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That sounds great man. Who said Tar Heels can't cook? Joe. icon14.gif
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