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Dave - Ahh... legs for the AMNPS! Lol I first read that through my phone on an email notification. Did not see the pics! Haha I shall look into this and see what I can do or find. Perhaps even something Chipman suggested. 


Marctrees - I am a few hours from any home depot or Lowes sadly ( I live in BFE).  Next time I go back to my college town to see friends though I will stop in and look for the AL Flex at one of those stores, or another hardware store. I really don't think the vinyl will be a problem. The only concern of course is it being easy to rip. lol 


Gary my first pellets were just some pecan.  The next were a pecan/cherry/apple mix. Pecan on bottom.  Had nearly 1/3# (2/3 of a row) of pellets in, and about half burned until it went out. Will try the solutions noted above on my next test or so.