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$8.99 (USD)
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For Sale:
BBQ Guru Meat + Pit Probe Upgrades, Homemade, Custom!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey all,


Just wanted to let you know I'm selling low cost HOMEMADE replacement meat / pit probes for the BBQ Guru smokers.
I got tired of paying nearly $25 for replacement parts and didn't like the way they were built, so I bought some materials and started making my own.
Everyone that used them at my local shows liked them and suggested I make some extra to sell and spread the good fortune... so here is the information:



I'm also working on a version that has a bent tube for easier insertion, or some sort of handle.... it's hard to source good materials though....

They utilize an easy to clean FEP jacketed cable instead of that woven steel.
The are pointed so can be used for food, or have the clip so can be used as a pit probe too.
They are built with SLE Special Limits of Error wire which is 2x as accurate as the standard limits of error wire normally used.

Since everything is hand made, I can custom make an item to whatever length you need, just let me know.

Keep on grillin!