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New smoker from Boise here

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Been lurking for a bit reading (drooling) after I bought a Brinkman Gormet charcoal smoker.
Live in Boise Idaho. Married, kids, job, and business.
I pull doubles around the west for a food distributor but also run a hauling business on the side.
So far all I have done is added an actual temp guage to the smoker so know I have some more mods to do. I have done a ton of chicken on it but really want to figure out if I can smoke for 10 hours with it without having to babysit it too much. Got a lot to learn so chicken and other meat that can be done in 3 hours works for now.
Found an awesome show on public television all about smoking meat. Can't remember the name but I got a killer 3 pound tenderloin recipe I think I'll tackle in a few days.
Spend most my forum time on motorcycle sites when I have the patience to stare at a screen long enough.
Fun times
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to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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