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Smoked Bird

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I smoked my first whole chicken and my first attempt at drumsticks. Both turned out excellent.
I cooked them both between 240-260, 2 hours for drumsticks and 4 hours for the whole bird.
I removed the spine from the whole chicken to help cook more evenly. This didn't turn out to bad for a first timer

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Looks delicious!


Nice job!



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I'd say you did great for a first whole bird!  Removing the backbone (spatchcocking) is a great way to smoke them for sure.


Keep it up and show us more soon!

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Thanks guys I appreciate it, that's a great way to have chicken.
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Tasty looking bird!
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Beautiful chicken you got there!     If it tastes only half as good as it looks, it will be delicious.

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Point! That's a great lookin bird and my absolute favorite way to smoke a chicken.

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Thanks guys.. This turned out really good. Had it for leftovers a few days. Smoking another one during football this weekend
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Great job!



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Originally Posted by Disco View Post

Great job!

thank you. I'm doing another one today. Spatchcocked last night, brined over night, rubbed down this morning, and now resting in the fridge before I smoke her
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