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Dried blood for black pudding

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Any ideas where to get some in the US?  Our sausage fest is coming soon and we want to try black pudding and also a Korean sausage, both of which need the blood powder.

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Don't know how to make it safe for human consumption... maybe the heating process does that... I know when "Mad Cow" disease (BSE) happened, you couldn't ship it unless it was in some specialized container.. Local feed store could not have it shipped to them because of proximity to animal feed... Don't know if things have changed.....
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Several years ago I too was searching for dried pork blood and couldn't find any US vendors. I had to order some from England. To be honest, the dried blood, while convenient, does not taste as good as using fresh or frozen blood. You can find the fresh or frozen at most well stocked Asian food stores. It usually comes in a clear plastic tub of about 12 ounces.
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Thanks gents!

Dave, I remember the mad cow thing and hadn't considered it for this.

IDaSmoker, good idea on the Asian markets!
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