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New to smokers

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Hello I am brand new to using a smoker and was looking for my 1st one.  I have a few I have been considering and was looking for some help.  Here are the three I am looking at. I am looking for any input that can be given to what would be the best bang for my buck and give me the best reliability.




Smoke Hollow





Thank you


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Curt - Cannot comment on the two smokers you mentioned but can say with certainty that the Smokin-it line and the Cookshack line are top notch smoker.  Full stainless steel inside and out with plenty of fiberglass insulation. None better.  Considering the time meat spends in a smoker, and the price of meat, get the best you can afford. Check out their sites.  Of the two, the smokers from Smokin-it give the most bang for the buck.

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I'll toss in with old sarge. I bought my SI #2 in 2011(?). Few, if any reviews. spoke to Steve (owner) and took the plunge. NO regrets. I now have moved up to a #3 (2013). Thing has worked flawlessly.



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The model 3 is really nice.
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