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My 9# pork loin

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3rd time using the wsm, been touch and go, I added to much lit charcoal to start and had a hard time getting the temp down.

Started with a marinade:

Marinated over night, took it out around 1, patted it dry and patted on a dry rub and on the smoker it went around 2:

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So it's been 2 1/2 hours and it is getting to temp:

I forgot to mention I threw a few hickory chunks on to begin with, getting ready to pull it off and wrap it
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Putting it under wraps:
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Looks tasty!

I use what is known as the side light method on my WSM's. Makes it really easy to maintain temps.
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Yeah, I use the ring method and drop lit coals in the center, and I usually fill the water bowl all the way and it keeps it between 225-230, but I kinda got lazy today, only filled the bowl half way, and didn't really pay attention to how many lit coals I used. It ended up starting the cook at around 260, and I got it down to 225 about an hour in
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Looking good!
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Nice looking loin. I like to butterfly those open and stuff them with mushrooms and sharp cheddar cheese.
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Finished product, went to 148 before I pulled it to make some of the pink disappear for the family folk, took 2 pictures, one with flash one without, our power went out as food was finishing up so I couldn't get decent lighting:
Without flash

With flash
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Looks awfully juicy!drool.gif
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That's a great looking loin!


It looks perfectly cooked!


Nice job!



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