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I didn't spend much time with trying to get it up to temp, but the hr I was putting wood in the stove, it was able to maintain about 140 to 150 degrees once the smokehouse warmed up.
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Uzikaduzi, I didn't spend much time with trying to get the smokehouse up to temp, but the hour I was putting wood in the stove, it maintained about 140 to 150 degrees once the smokehouse warmed up.
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so it might take a bit of work or your oak idea to get it to hot smoking temps... but knocking out cold smoking or sausage should be awesome.


i think i like your area near the stove as much as the smoker honestly lol looks amazing

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Whoa.... Did not  get to see the whole picture until now.  The smokehouse was awesome.  But the entire system is epic!  Awesome design.  Another point!  B

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That is an amazing job... looks great!!!  :drool:

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That just looks sexy!


Nice build

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I do not see anything at all. Does it have invisibility?

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Update: I have been pretty busy trying to get our outdoor entertainment area ready for the holidays. The arch I built has a mounted whiskey barrel from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, and on the right is the mounted dinner bell. Gotta have one of those! I finally had some time to do another dry run with the smokehouse this time using oak wood in the barrel stove. With all the vents wide open, and the barrel stove door cracked open for more oxygen, I was able to heat the smokehouse & maintain it at 235 degrees. Needless to say, I am pretty happy with that, and now looking forward to smoking our Thanksgiving turkey.

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That is a beautiful smokehouse and a very nice setup! It looks like a little piece of Heaven in CA!

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Great looking build. Are you controlling you draft totally at the barrel or do you have a draft control at the house? I have a similar (much more crude) unit I am working on. I am having trouble getting decent temps.
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I have a damper in the smokehouse up at my exhaust vent as well as on the outlet of my barrel stove. I keep my barrel stove damper wide open, and my smokehouse exhaust damper about 1/3 open for hot smoking. I am able to achieve up to about 300 degrees. On Thanksgiving, I smoked a 23 lb turkey for 11.5 hours between the temps of 200 to 250 degrees. Most of that time was spent between 225 to 250 degrees. I used oak & pecan wood mix the whole time. The bird came out great, and everybody loved it. Hope this helps!

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Forgot to mention that I do keep my barrel stove door cracked open so the fire burns hotter. The sliding vents in the barrel stove door do not let in enough oxygen/air for the fire to heat the smokehouse up to the temp I need if I am actually going to hot smoke something.

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Thanks. I haven't added any exhaust to mine yet. I have burned 3 Times in it while studying smoke flow. I have not decided on location for exhaust yet. It is a big house I should be able to do 3 hogs at once or several hundred pounds of sausage.
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Sounds like it will turn out great once everything is in place. Good Luck!

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Awesome bird John.  Point!


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awesome great looking build and a fine looking bird



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thanks for the point it is greatly appreciated.



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That is an awesome Smokehouse you did a great job
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  That is beautiful.......... I am looking to build a smokehouse as well this spring. I live in Canada so lots of different temps. I want to hot smoke as well as cold smoke. What would people out there in smoker land recommend...... I am thinking I will need another heat source as well to do hot smokes. We usually make our sausage after hunting season during the winter months so hot smokes get a little more difficult. 

 I have been looking at everything I can for info and Ideas. Doing what I can for research as I will be spending a few bucks on this and would like to get it right. So now I am thinking 2 builds lol.. 1 smoke house and 1 smaller unit for smaller use. Any thoughts?

   This smoke house looks wonderful.......

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AB Canuck,

If you are in freezing temps trying to hot smoke, I would definitely be building my smokehouse with insulation, and line the interior framing with metal sheet, or T & G cedar boards so you don't lose much heat. If your fire/oven is remote, I would be looking to use double wall pipe coming off of a well insulated oven. This would probably be a good question to post to the forum so other members that live in real cold winter areas can tell you what they have done with their builds and how they worked out any kinks in the design. I live in southern CA, so we don't really know what cold is here. Good luck with your build (s) and thanks for the comments!.
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