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Smokehouse Project

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I always wanted to build a smokehouse, and being that we are finally getting our outdoor entertainment area construction project underway, I couldn't wait to build the smokehouse, so I did that first. The siding is all T&G 1x6 with mostly cedar and some pine boards in the mix, and redwood trim.  I am going to veneer the cinder blocks this week, and add the exhaust vent in the back upper part of the a-frame. I will also start pouring the pad for my barrel stove & wood storage on the lower level behind the smokehouse. Can't wait to fire this thing up!

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Looks great!

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That's an awesome build!


Nice job!



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Wow, I like that smokehouse build. Nice job. What are you going to smoke in it mostly? Sausage?


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I am definitely going to smoke sausage. Once I get it fired up, i will do a couple dry runs to see what kind of temp I can maintain for some low & slow smoking. Definitely going to be doing a lot of cold smoking too in the winter. I have a big family. Going to stock up for later.
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Very nice build.....    Thumbs Up

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Thanks for the comments guys!
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Wonderful build johnny. Point! B

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Great job!  Really nice looking build!!! thumb1%20copy.gif

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Added the veneer.

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Points from me as well!

This looks like a very well built unit. Looking forward to what you create with it!
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Very nice, Great job

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So cool!

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 I finally finished the project Time to get some wood, and see what she can do. 20160928_095401.jpg 5,203k .jpg file

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some more pictures.

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Super cool!
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Wow! That is some nice work there!
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JG, morning....  If you find you need some draft or temp control, below is a schematic of possible avenues to correct undesirable conditions...




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Thanks Dave! I burned some clean leftover wood & charcoal in the barrel this morning. I may need to do some insulating to run it hotter, and or wood that burns hotter like oak. The drafting doesn't seem to be a problem at this point. Flames are burning good inside the barrel, and getting good smoke out the 6" vent at the top of my smokehouse. I will play with it a little bit. Thanks again!

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looks great!!! how hot were you able to get it as is?

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