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Glad to have found this forum....

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Hello All.
My name is Russ and I live in El Dorado, Kansas. I am a Physician Assistant in Family Practice. Although I feel well-versed in that field, I am an ignorant in smoking meats.
I will rely heavily on this forum as I delve into each of the type of meats. Taking the advice of friends I found doesn't often work. Especially those that don't have smokers of their own. Lol.
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Hi Russ!




to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Welcome to SMF! Everything you need to know you should be able to find here. The search bar will be your best friend. If you have any questions just ask, someone will answer.
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Hey Rus
Welcome Brother.. Glad to have you! Read the posts ask questions .. The answers are here!!
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Welcome, El Dog. You are at the right place. When I got my first smoker, I struggled until I found Smoking Meat Forums!



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Howdy Russ.  Welcome! B

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As the others have said...The Search Bar can be your best friend! Even if ya have a specific problem, there is someone on here who just might have the answer!

We are all friends, and there is no such thing as a stupid question!


Join in the conversations, it can be really fun to learn without having to study the text books!

Make a file, and if ya find a recipe, or some advice that you may needlater just save it!


:yahoo: PitBulMom

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