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.new electric smoker

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how long does it take to smoke corn and veggies, this is very new to me, how long for salmon? Should it be be in foil or not? So all I need to get started is the chips right? Helllppp!

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What smoker did you get and what is the plan to use the veggies? 


Here is my suggestion - there is an unbelievable brain trust here. Just post what you want to do. These is no book available that can match what these folks know. When I got my fist smoker (little chief, 1977), these was no internet help. I got to figure it all out the hard way.  Now when I've a question, *POOF*, you get the answer.



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Building upon what Mark said...


How do you want to smoke the salmon?  Hot or cold?  


Again, if you tell us the brand of smoker you have, it will help us determine a few things for you.


Looking forward to seeing some of your creations.

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