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White Whiskey

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I received a bottle of white whiskey (unaged whiskey).  I would like to make a marinade, rub or slop sauce out of it.  BUT, it smells awful, sort of like Mezcal.   I would hate to ruin a day of smoking pork butt.  


Any one use white whiskey to cook with?  Any suggestions?


Thanks, K

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Never used any whiskey for a mop or sauce, myself, but like the idea. If it smells that bad, you may need to make ingredient adjustments before applying to your meat. In fact, I'd start with adding a teaspoon of your dry rub to a shot of whiskey, then add brown sugar, molasses, honey, etc, until you get it where you like the taste. It may or may not need vinegar, as well as water...again, depending on your likes and how thick you want it. Mop or finishing sauce can be much thinner than a dipping sauce. Measure everything, then work up the ratios so you can build a recipe from it to do a batch-size build.




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"White whiskey" is basically moonshine. Alcohol off the still with no aging process. I've seen people use shine in recipes before but I honestly have no idea why. Whiskey gets it character and flavor from the charred oak casks it ages in. Without the aging process it's gonna taste like alcohol. I have a few bottles of unaged whiskey/shine and it's pretty useful for getting hammered. Not much else.
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