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Vent question

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I built a smoker out of a food transport cabinet I put a 1500 watt element in it with a pid controller it has a 3" vent now I can set pid at 195 it is kicking off at that temp but cabinet will get up to 250 even with vent wide open the temp prob is in middle of box should it be closer to element ? Should I add another 3" vent ?
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Adjust the probe closer to the element...  you want the heat to turn off sooner...  keep adjusting the distance until you get a fairly constant temp in the smoker....   THEN adjust the temperature on the controller up or down until the temp is what you want...    Try starting with the temp probe 12" above the element...  If the temperature is stable and  30 degrees below what you want for a temp, adjust the controller up 30 degrees...  your control may have to be changed depending on the ambient air temps....

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Do what Dave said, but also make sure that ALL therms are reading accurately.

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