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Bourbon Pork Loin.

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I was watching Project Smoke last night and he made Bourbon Pork Loin and My wife looked at me and said I know what you are making tomorrow for dinner.


So here it is.

One 3lb Pork loin (butterflied) 

Out your favorite Whiskey on the opened loin.

Cover one side with Dijon Mustard

Cover mustard with Brown Sugar

Put more Whiskey on the Brown Sugar.

Close Loin






Put down cooking string

Some Bacon on the bottom (i used my homemade bacon) and put down loin.

Put more bacon on the loin and then tie off.




Put in the smoker (OK Joe with Hickory chunks) and smoke at 300° to 325° ( I know hotter than normal but it crisps the bacon). This is coming off at 155° and I will let it sit and coast to 160°


Sliced up. Man was this good!! I should have pulled it a bit earlier as it was a little dry but still very good.


Thanks for looking!


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Looks tasty! B

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That sounds like a great mix to me, looks good too!
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It looks real good from here!



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